Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tool #6

1. Choose at least two of the tools from the above list. Create an account for each (if required).

I used the Today's Meet tutorial along with the Poll Everywhere tutorial. The Today's Meet page did not require me to sign up or log in, but the Poll Everywhere required me to sign up for an account.
2. Use each of the tools you choose to create a sample of how you would use it in your classroom.
I created a sample using both tools and copied a link and embedded a sample poll.
3. Embed the sample (preferred) or link to the URL.
Today's Meet -
Poll Everywhere - I have embedded an SAT poll below.
4. Share your thoughts on how you see the tools being integrated into your classroom. How do you see them encouraging participation?
I think that my kids would love to chat in the Today's Meet classroom because they are so into Twitter and those types of social media. The Poll Everywhere is a very cool way to ask simple questions to the students and get instantaneous feedback from them. I could use the poll to determine concepts that they may be struggling with or really doing well with. I think that it would be a nice change up for the students.

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